Leo is a portal to
The Augmented Reality World

Experience advanced augmented reality through realistic animated and 3D objects in the real world. Express yourself by customizing real word in a new mixed reality space, as well as sharing with family and friends.


Customize the world with realistic 3D objects

Leo has hundreds of realistic animated 3D objects. In addition to that, Leo has special effects like money falling, balloons flying or a rain of roses. You can customize the real world how you want, and whenever you want by experiencing advanced augmented reality.

Discover realities from all over the world

Discover other Leo users’ realities. You might like and follow new accounts on the Discover tab. You can also discover your friends’ latest realities on the Friend tab.

Interact with other users

You can interact with realities you care about with likes and comments. You are also able to mirror other scenes and objects to your own screens if there’s an object combination you like or want to re-use.

Keep your profile shining

Share videos you want to keep on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and creative tools. You can also see your bookmarks on the bookmark tab.

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